Town Gardens

Our aim is to realise the desires of our clients, to translate your dreams into reality: No space is too small to transform into a haven of pleasure..  We are expert at solving your problems, and at creating and maintaining healthy, colourful gardens which meet your needs.  This could be a low-maintenance garden, an architectural garden with lush foliage plants, a or a highly ornamental garden with year round flowering interest full of scent.  We seek to use plants which are best suited to your particular environment (sun or shade, clay or sand, acid or alkaline soil), and thus choose plants which likely to thrive with minimum care.

We can simply redesign a tired border, improve the planting in a dull corner of your garden, extend the flowering interest in a garden which only looks good in the spring, or start from scratch and design an entirely new garden for you.

We also collaborate with architects and other skilled craftsmen where you wish to create new features (such as a pergola or arbour), or to redesign your garden entirely with extensive changes to the hard landscaping as well as the planting.



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