Town Gardens

Our philosophy is to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, using gardening techniques which encourage beneficial wildlife (birds, ladybirds, bees).  We undertake the following year-round maintenance tasks, which are underpinned by a desire to improve and restore any garden we look after so that it becomes a place to enjoy and admire:  

  • Border maintenance, including weeding, pruning, dead-heading, mulching, feeding, watering, edging, staking and general tidying.
  • Weeding, mowing and maintenance of lawns, including seasonal tasks such as scarification and aeration of grass, feeding and watering.
  • Hedge cutting and general care of hedges, including feeding and mulching.
  • Specialist pruning of shrubs, trees and climbers at the appropriate season; maintaining the shape and habit of specimen plants.
  • Cultivation of the soil, digging over beds, establishing composting systems, the seasonal addition of organic matter, and general soil improvement.
  • Planting development:  replacing tired or sickly plants and improving the overall planting scheme by lifting and dividing plants, taking cuttings, sowing seed and planting bulbs for year round flowering interest.
  • Pest and disease management; this would be undertaken wherever possible by cultural means without the use of pesticides;  where necessary, pesticides may be used to remedy persistent plant problems (with the permission of the client).
  • Irrigation:  We can install water-conserving irrigation systems as required, and we can also take responsibility for the operation and general care of any existing irrigation system.  However we cannot undertake specialist servicing or repair to irrigation systems,  unless it is one we have installed ourselves.

We generally use all of our own tools;  however, we are happy to take responsibility for the basic maintenance of any dedicated tools & equipment belonging to the client if required; this would include cleaning and oiling and general care of tools & machinery which belong in the garden, but would not include professional servicing and repair.



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